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The participants at a special event may require medical attention in the event of illness or injury. Planning for the provision of medical care for participants is essential, for both humanitarian and legal reasons. Hence, an adequate plan to protect the health and safety of the participants at a special event function must be in place prior to the event, whether the event is large or small.

Special events sometimes gather a large number of participants in a small geographical area. This increase of population places additional demand on the limited number of local emergency responders. To reduce the demands that a special event may place on local emergency responders, the event organizer may be required to provide an “EMS” (Emergency Medical Services)  Plan to Pinal County Public Health Department.

This plan may be very simple or complex, depending on the nature of the event. Event organizers may select to contract with a medical service provider. The event organizer should check to see that the service provider has the appropriate licenses, certifications, and insurance to provide medical services at the event. To assist the event organizer in determining the appropriate type of medical services for the event, Pinal County Public Health Department has developed the following matrix of emergency medical services resources which can be used as a guideline in the development of your medical plan:

Emergency Medical Services Resource Matrix
Medical aid providers are generally not required for events that are smaller than 500 participants and are held in close proximity to central medical services. Some local emergency responders in your area might be Southwest Ambulance, Rural Metro, Florence Fire Dept, Coolidge Fire Dept, and Apache Junction Fire Dept.


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