Building Safety

One question you need to ask yourself during the planning stage for your special event, is what kind of structures or small buildings will you construct or use for your activity? It is very important to consider how buildings, stages, tents, booths, carnival rides, and even fences may require an inspection from a trained Pinal County building inspector. You certainly would not want any type of structural or electrical connection to cause harm to participants, or delay the event because of improper installation.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Will you be using any buildings or temporary structures?
  • Will you have any electrical needs, such as generators, propane tanks, extension cords?
  • Is there any camping on the site?  For more than one day?
  • Are there any tents of any kind on site, and if so, what are they made of and how large are they? Do you have any material specifications on the tents?
  • Is there any on-site cooking?  Any propane? Any sinks for washing? Where are your restroom facilities?

You will need to show any of these items listed above on the site plan you submit with your Special Event application. This site plan is very important. It’s the “picture” of how you will lay out your event including all structures and devices that could potentially cause harm to the public attending your event.

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