AZ State Trust & BLMLand

If any part of your event is located on Arizona State Trust Land or Bureau of Land Management property, you will be required to procure the necessary permits through the departments of these entities. If you are not sure whether or not your event is on State Trust or BLM land, please contact either the Special Event Coordinator or one of the offices listed below.

If your event is located on Arizona State Trust Land, just be aware that this is not considered public land, and you will be required to obtain a recreational permit for your event, and possibly other permits from this department depending on the nature of your event. Contact Kenneth Lamb at 602-542-3322 for more information on Arizona State Trust Land and its uses. You can use this map to find your event area and get more information.   

If your event is located on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, it is wise to contact this office to make sure you are not required to have a recreational permit, or that there are no restrictions in the area of interest for your event. Contact Francisco J. Mendoza at 520-258-7226 for more information on the uses of BLM Land for your event.

It is very important that you respect our State and Nationally managed open spaces since these vast areas are used by many animals, protected and otherwise, as well as citizens and visitors to the United States. These special lands must be treated with great care, and preserved as natural desert, wetlands, or mountainous regions in order to protect the integrity of our beautiful natural Arizona environment. Please leave the land just as you found it, or better yet, leave it better than you found it! Make sure all trash is removed, no land has been cleared of natural vegetation, washes have not been disturbed, hillsides are intact, and the peace and beauty of the desert remain is as if your event has never occurred in this location.


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