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Sheriff's Office

About Pinal SAR
As defined by Arizona State Statute ( ARS 11-411), the responsibility to conduct or coordinate search and rescue operations involving the life or health of any person falls upon the sheriff of that county and such operations shall be conducted under the direction of the sheriff’s office. The statute further states that the sheriff may assist in such operations in another county at the request of that county's sheriff and may request assistance from any persons or agencies in the fulfillment of duties under this subsection.
The Pinal County Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit, is under the special operations division, and consist of a full-time Sergeant, Brandee Ralston and three full-time and six part-time SAR coordinators. The SAR Unit conducts day and night mobile SAR operations, sometimes during adverse weather conditions, in both urban and wilderness environments. The SAR Unit searches for children, the elderly, vehicles, lost hunters and downed aircraft. Deputies are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and at a moment's notice to provide assistances in a crisis.
The SAR Unit is specialized in rope rescue services, including high and low-angle rope rescue, and swiftwater rescue. Deputies also have extensive training in human and vehicle tracking for law enforcement or civilian applications. The extensive training required for these highly skilled services ensure our SAR deputies are prepared to help those that find themselves in a life threatening situation. The SAR Unit coordinates with the Pinal County SAR Posse, made up of dedicated volunteers who respond day and night to assist with search and rescue call outs.
Other responsibilities of the SAR Unit are to patrol the rural areas of the county, and conduct body recoveries in remote areas of the county. Deputies also assist with training and SAR prevention.