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Sheriff's Office

Bike Patrol

With the growth Pinal County is experiencing, there are now densely-populated areas that cannot be patrolled by patrol vehicles alone. To address this, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office Bike Patrol started in June of 2007 with two bicycles that were purchased by the Sheriff's Office.

During the first patrols, bicycle patrol deputies were able to make several arrests and see the benefit of this “street level” patrol. They were able to make multiple citizen contacts that would not be possible with other methods of patrolling. The bikes are able to go places a patrol vehicle cannot go and, as a result, have been able to address criminal activity in parks, alleys, greenbelts, deserts and washes. The “stealthy” nature of a bicycle traveling through these areas gives deputies the advantage and ability to view criminal activity as it occurs.

The program gained momentum quickly as the communities throughout Pinal County learned about the success of the unit and began donating bicycles. In the first six months, Pinal County citizen groups donated 16 additional bicycles and money to build a bicycle maintenance and storage facility at the Gold Canyon sub station. With the addition of these bicycles, the citizens of Pinal County are now seeing bicycle patrol deputies in their communities on a regular basis. The program is now very strong and looks forward to serving the citizens of Pinal County in years to come.

For the PCSO Bike Patrol, contact Deputy Andrew Wikstrom at 520-866-5140 or