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Sheriff's Office

Adult Detention Center Administration

The Pinal County Jail operates a combination of Direct and Indirect supervision facility. Direct supervision provides for amore productive form of inmate management that facilitates interaction between inmates and staff, thereby reducing incidents of violence, inmate grievances, destruction of property and improved operational efficiency. This form of supervision allows for the greatest level of interaction between Detention Staff and offenders. Indirect supervision allows for the random monitoring of activities, and provides a lesser degree of interaction between the Detention Staff and offenders.

Commander of Security Operations
Terry Johnson (TJ) started a career in corrections with the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) as a Correctional Officer II in 1987.   Mr. Johnson promoted through security operations attaining the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Major of ASPC-Florence and ASPC-Lewis.  Throughout his corrections career he has worked all security custody levels from minimum to maximum with both adult and juvenile male offenders.  Commander Johnson was promoted to Associate Deputy Warden and Deputy Warden at ASPC-Lewis and ASPC-Eyman.  TJ retired in 2007 from the ADOC with over twenty years of distinguished service.  Prior to his appointment in January 2009 Commander Johnson was the Chief of Security at the Corrections Corporation of America - Florence Correctional Center.  TJ has been a Pinal County resident since 1994.
Commander of Program Services
Jayme Valenzuela started a career in law enforcement/corrections with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in 1982.  Commander Valenzuela has served with the PCSO as a Detention Officer, Patrol Deputy, Civil Deputy and Detective.  Jayme was presented the Distinguished Service Award in 1995 by the PCSO for his performance and dedication in the line of duty.  Mr. Valenzuela has also worked for the Arizona Department of Corrections, Corrections Corporation of America and Arizona Public Service.  Commander Valenzuela has served his community of Superior, Arizona as a council member, vice-Mayor and is actively involved in community organizations throughout the Copper Corridor of Pinal County.  Jayme is life time Superior and Pinal County resident.