The Planning Department will require a site plan showing all pertinent features of your event site as well as a signed authorization form from the owner of the property on which your event takes place.  The authorization form can also be a contract with the owner, an email stating that the event is allowed on the owner's property, or a written letter signed by the owner or manager of the property. (Oftentimes the owner will want to be included as an additional insured on the insurance liablity certificate).

Here’s a list of a few items which may be required on a site plan:

  • Roads and locations of parking lots
  • porta potties
  • Stages, tents, carnival rides
  • heli-ports
  • booths for vendors showing generators and propane
  • central emergency station, first aid station
  • barricades
  • camp grounds and shower facilities
  • train tracks
  • major washes
  • any other features which will affect the public in any way

This site plan may be used for Building Safety, Emergency Management, Public Works, the Sheriff’s Department, and numerous other County Departments and outside agencies who rely on an accurate site plan to determine whether or not your event will meet requirements for safe traffic flow, equipment locations, utility locations, and many other factors.

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