Emergency Contingency Plan

A special event that has five hundred (500) or more known or estimated participants in a defined geographical area shall submit a Large Event Permit Application. This application is comprehensive, and replaces the previously used Emergency Contingency Plan.  


A Special Event is a unique situation that has the potential to develop into an emergency incident. Therefore, it is prudent for the event organizer to identify conditions that could lead to emergency situations or disasters.
To minimize the effects of potential emergency incidents, a plan is required for the following reasons:
1. To define the coordination of necessary emergency actions by the event organizer, the responsible county officials, and emergency responders. These coordinated actions ultimately provide for timely notification, communication, warning, and evacuation of residents or participants in the event of an emergency incident.
2. To initiate emergency measures to reduce the risk of loss of life and property damage resulting from an emergency.

This new application will guide you through the thinking process for just about any potential mishap or problem which could ruin your event and cause injury to your participants, or damage to property. This document is self explanatory and easy to use; just fill in the blanks with checks and some text in a few places. Some additional documentation will still be required, such as Food Vendor permits, Porta John contracts, Police or security contracts, ambulance contracts, building permit, insurance, and a site plan, to name a few. This application was designed to be a one-stop application which fits the needs of most of the departments whio review your event.

Please fill it out carefully, taking into consideration that this IS your emergency plan, your air quality plan, and your general event planning guide. You can print it out and fill it in at your leisure, or save it and fill it out when you get the time.  It is a total of 26 pages, so don't get overwhelmed when you first see it!  It is really quite simple to move through. But you will need certain critical elements of information such as numbers of emergency personnel, types of certification of emergency responders, fire safety information, parking locations, emergency exits, alcohol information, and many other items of information that would explain the type of event you are planning. This way the Emergency Management staff can make good recommendations for your event to keep it safe and successful--the ultimate goal of your event!


 Contact Information

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