Board of Supervisors

If your event involves consumption of alcohol or a fireworks display, you may be required to obtain a special event liquor license or a fireworks permit from the Pinal County Board Of Supervisors. Both of these permits are separate from the Special Event permit, but must be obtained as a requirement prior to issuing the Special Event Permit.

Since a liquor license is regulated by the State of Arizona, this service is provided by the Board only.  A liquor license is required any time you are serving alcohol to the public for sale. (not for a private party) If your event is already taking place at a facility that includes the serving of alcohol, but you are expanding into an outside patio for the day, you will still need an extended patio liquor license prior to receiving your Special Event permit.

Regarding fireworks, the Board also chooses to approve all fireworks displays for any events in Pinal County. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous, especially in the dry landscape conditions of our county. If you are considering shooting fireworks as part of your event, we urge you to contact the Board as soon as possible to make sure the fireworks permit may be approved in plenty of time for the Special Event permit.

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