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Sheriff's Office

Search and Rescue Posse
The sheriff’s office continues to pursue re-organization and has now consolidated outside volunteer search and rescue teams into one unified PCSO Search and Rescue Posse. This posse is separate and distinct from the law enforcement Posse and shall only be granted authority for search and rescue functions.
Two volunteer groups have been operating as independent organizations outside of the sheriff's office. They have operated outside the Sheriff's Office and respond when called by the sheriff's office. On December 1, 2009, all search and rescue operations shall function within the sheriff's office, where emergency rescue response will be coordinated under one unified command, rather than three distinct organizations.
The sheriff’s office has decided to follow the models of county SAR teams from across the nation by reorganizing into Pinal County Search and Rescue Posse. These volunteers will now be covered by the sheriff’s office liability insurance for all rescue missions and training. In the past, these volunteer groups have focused many hours on raising contributions to fund their training and equipment purchases. The sheriff's office will now assume some of these expenses, which shall allow for focus on training and actual search and rescue missions. These progressive reforms are designed to modernize operations and improve public safety. Visit the SAR Posse Page 
The SAR Posse functions as a tight-knit, versatile team of volunteers. The unit specializes in providing a highly effective Man-Tracking and K9 Search and Rescue resource for the citizens of Pinal County and the State of Arizona. The SAR Posse is skilled in wilderness first aid, orienteering and land navigation, technical rescue, desert survival and consists of individuals who attained certification as NASAR SAR Tech II Rescue Technicians. These skills enable team members to safely and efficiently search for overdue hikers, individuals who may have encountered wilderness related problems or those who may have wandered away due to physical, emotional or diminished mental capacities.
The SAR Posse has responded to requests for assistance from the Gila River Indian Nation, Tohono O’Odham Indian Nation, FBI, INS, Arizona Department of Emergency Services and various Sheriff’s Departments from throughout the state of Arizona. The SAR Posse is a team of dedicated ‘Volunteer Search and Rescue Professionals’, who enjoy volunteering their time so, ‘That Others May Live’.