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The Housing Department provides and maintains temporary safe, decent, and sanitary standardized housing for qualified low-income people; to assist individuals in becoming independent by giving opportunities for education, training, counseling and support; and to help residents remain independent and maintain their personal dignity for as long as possible.

How Housing Helps Communities

  • To preserve the confidentiality and privacy of consumers by ensuring the integrity of the management information system.
  • Provide and maintain fair housing to qualified low-income tenants.
  • To offer affordable housing to residents and community.
  • To provide temporary, decent, safe and sanitary housing for low income persons including the elderly and disabled.
  • Assist with rents in order to put people in temporary standardized housing.
  • To help tenants move toward independence.
  • To help the disadvantaged or low income (i.e. Elderly) become or remain independent and maintain their personal dignity for as long as possible. (Living alone vs. in a rest home or with family).
  • To try and house as many low income families as possible in affordable housing temporarily.
  • To try to assist people in locating affordable housing through referrals and information dissemination.
  • To get residents to follow the rules and regulations of HUD housing.
  • To do the best job that we can given what we have to work with and the parameters in which we must operate.

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Housing Director Adeline Allen
Housing Director
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