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Campaign Finance Reports

Original signed and dated campaign finance forms may be mailed to or dropped off at:

Pinal County Recorder’s Office
Attention: Campaign Finance
31 N. Pinal – Building E (physical address)
P.O. Box 1592 (mailing address)
Florence, AZ 85132

 Campaign Finance Forms

 June 30, 2016 Report

Anthony Smith June 30 2016.pdfAnthony Smith June 30 2016
Cheryl Chase June 30 2016.pdfCheryl Chase June 30 2016
Donald W Jones June 30 2016.pdfDonald W Jones June 30 2016
Douglas Wolf June 30 2016.pdfDouglas Wolf June 30 2016
Glen Walp June 30 2016.pdfGlen Walp June 30 2016
Irene Littleton June 30 2016.pdfIrene Littleton June 30 2016
Jacqueline Minto June 30 2016.pdfJacqueline Minto June 30 2016
Jill Broussard June 30 2016.pdfJill Broussard June 30 2016
Kaye Dickson June 30 2016.pdfKaye Dickson June 30 2016
Kent Volkmer June 30 2016.pdfKent Volkmer June 30 2016
Kevin Taylor June 30 2016.pdfKevin Taylor June 30 2016
Lando Voyles June 30 2016.pdfLando Voyles June 30 2016
Manuel Vega June 30 2016.pdfManuel Vega June 30 2016
Mark Lamb June 30 2016.pdfMark Lamb June 30 2016
Michael McCord June 30 2016.pdfMichael McCord June 30 2016
Mike Goodman June 30 2016.pdfMike Goodman June 30 2016
Pete Rios June 30 2016.pdfPete Rios June 30 2016
Rich Vitiello June 30 2016.pdfRich Vitiello June 30 2016
Steve Henry June 30 2016.pdfSteve Henry June 30 2016
Steve Miller June 30 2016.pdfSteve Miller June 30 2016
Ted Gremmel June 30 2016.pdfTed Gremmel June 30 2016
Todd House June 30 2016.pdfTodd House June 30 2016
Tom Sorensen June 30 2016.pdfTom Sorensen June 30 2016
Virginia Ross June 30 2016.pdfVirginia Ross June 30 2016
Wayne Bachman June 30 2016.pdfWayne Bachman June 30 2016

 January 31, 2016 Report

Amanda Stanford January 31 2016.pdfAmanda Stanford January 31 2016
Anthony Smith January 31 2016.pdfAnthony Smith January 31 2016
Cheryl Chase January 31 2016.pdfCheryl Chase January 31 2016
Douglas Coleman January 31 2016.pdfDouglas Coleman January 31 2016
Douglas Wolf January 31 2016 AMENDED.pdfDouglas Wolf January 31 2016 AMENDED
Douglas Wolf January 31 2016.pdfDouglas Wolf January 31 2016
Glenn Walp January 31 2016.pdfGlenn Walp January 31 2016
Jill Broussard January 31 2016.pdfJill Broussard January 31 2016
Jim, Hartdegen, January 31 2016.pdfJim, Hartdegen, January 31 2016
John Ellsworth January 31 2016.pdfJohn Ellsworth January 31 2016
Kevin Taylor January 31 2016.pdfKevin Taylor January 31 2016
Lando Voyles January 31 2016.pdfLando Voyles January 31 2016
Mark Lamb January 31 2016.pdfMark Lamb January 31 2016
Michael McCord January 31 2016.pdfMichael McCord January 31 2016
Patrick Thompson January 31 2016.pdfPatrick Thompson January 31 2016
Paul Babeu January 31 2016.pdfPaul Babeu January 31 2016
Paul Babeu Termination January 31 2016.pdfPaul Babeu Termination January 31 2016
Pete Rios January 31 2016.pdfPete Rios January 31 2016
Russ Kimball January 31 2016.pdfRuss Kimball January 31 2016
Shaun Babeu January 31 2016.pdfShaun Babeu January 31 2016
Stephen Miller January 31 2016.pdfStephen Miller January 31 2016
Steve Henry January 31 2016.pdfSteve Henry January 31 2016
Todd House January 31 2016.pdfTodd House January 31 2016
Virginia Ross January 31 2016.pdfVirginia Ross January 31 2016
Wayne, Bachmann January 31 2013.pdfWayne, Bachmann January 31 2013

 Post-General Election Report 2014

Amanda Stanford Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfAmanda Stanford Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Arnold Estrada Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfArnold Estrada Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Bill Dunbar Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfBill Dunbar Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Cheryl Chase Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfCheryl Chase Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Dave Orzell Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfDave Orzell Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Dennis Howerton Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfDennis Howerton Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Eustino Tarango Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfEustino Tarango Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Gene Wilson Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfGene Wilson Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Jim Hartdegen Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfJim Hartdegen Post-General Election Report-November 2014
John Acton Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfJohn Acton Post-General Election Report-November 2014
John Breneman Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfJohn Breneman Post-General Election Report-November 2014
John Ellesworth Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfJohn Ellesworth Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Julia Gusse Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfJulia Gusse Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Kenneth Contreras Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfKenneth Contreras Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Kevin Taylor Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfKevin Taylor Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Lando Voyles Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfLando Voyles Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Larry Bravo Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfLarry Bravo Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Lyle Riggs Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfLyle Riggs Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Mary Jane Damron Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfMary Jane Damron Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Nancy Discher Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfNancy Discher Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Paul Babeu Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfPaul Babeu Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Pete Rios Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfPete Rios Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Roger Valdez Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfRoger Valdez Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Russ Kimball Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfRuss Kimball Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Steve Henry Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfSteve Henry Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Steve Miller Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfSteve Miller Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Todd House Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfTodd House Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Tom Shope Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfTom Shope Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Victor Rodas Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfVictor Rodas Post-General Election Report-November 2014
Virginia Ross Post-General Election Report-November 2014.pdfVirginia Ross Post-General Election Report-November 2014

 Pre-General Election Report 2014

Amanda Stanford Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfAmanda Stanford Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Arnold Estrada Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfArnold Estrada Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Bill Dunbar Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfBill Dunbar Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Bret Roberts Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfBret Roberts Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Cheryl Chase Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfCheryl Chase Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Dave Orzell Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfDave Orzell Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Dennis Howerton Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfDennis Howerton Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Eustino Tino Tarango III Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfEustino Tino Tarango III Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Gene Wilson Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfGene Wilson Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Jim Hartdegen Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfJim Hartdegen Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
John Acton Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfJohn Acton Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
John Breneman Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfJohn Breneman Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
John Ellsworth Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfJohn Ellsworth Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Julia Gusse Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfJulia Gusse Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Kenneth Contreras Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfKenneth Contreras Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Kevin Taylor Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfKevin Taylor Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Lando Voyles Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfLando Voyles Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Lyle Riggs Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfLyle Riggs Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Mary Jane Damron Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfMary Jane Damron Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Nancy Discher Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfNancy Discher Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Paul Babeu Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfPaul Babeu Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Pete Rios Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfPete Rios Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Ron LeDuc Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfRon LeDuc Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Russ Kimball Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfRuss Kimball Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Shaun Babeu Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfShaun Babeu Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Steve Henry Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfSteve Henry Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Steve Miller Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfSteve Miller Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Todd House Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfTodd House Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Tom Shope Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfTom Shope Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Victor Rodas Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfVictor Rodas Pre-General Election Report-October 2014
Virginia Ross Pre-General Election Report-October 2014.pdfVirginia Ross Pre-General Election Report-October 2014

 Post-Primary Election Report 2014

Amanda Stanford Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfAmanda Stanford Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Arnold Estrada Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfArnold Estrada Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Bill Dunbar Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfBill Dunbar Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Bret Roberts Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfBret Roberts Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Chad Roche Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfChad Roche Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Cheryl Chase  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfCheryl Chase Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Dave Orzell  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfDave Orzell Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Dennis Howerton  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfDennis Howerton Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Ernest Bustamante  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfErnest Bustamante Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Eustino Tarango  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfEustino Tarango Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Gene Wilson  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfGene Wilson Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
George Hoffman  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfGeorge Hoffman Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Jim Hartdegen  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfJim Hartdegen Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
John Acton  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfJohn Acton Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
John Breneman  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfJohn Breneman Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
John Ellsworth  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfJohn Ellsworth Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Julia Gusse  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfJulia Gusse Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Keith Miller Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfKeith Miller Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Kenneth Contreras Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfKenneth Contreras Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Kevin Taylor  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfKevin Taylor Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Lando Voyles  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfLando Voyles Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Lyle Riggs  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfLyle Riggs Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Mary Jane Damron  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfMary Jane Damron Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Michael Real  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfMichael Real Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Nancy Discher  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfNancy Discher Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Paul Babeu-Primary  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfPaul Babeu-Primary Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Pete Rios  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfPete Rios Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Roger Valdes  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfRoger Valdes Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Ron LeDuc  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfRon LeDuc Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Russ Kimball  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfRuss Kimball Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Shaun Babeu  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfShaun Babeu Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Steve Henry  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfSteve Henry Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Steve Miller  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfSteve Miller Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Thomas Shope  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfThomas Shope Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Todd House  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfTodd House Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Ty Morgan  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfTy Morgan Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Victor Rodas  Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfVictor Rodas Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014
Virginia Ross Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014.pdfVirginia Ross Post-Primary Election Report-September 2014

 2014 Pre-Primary Reports

Amanda Stanford Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfAmanda Stanford Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Bret Roberts Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfBret Roberts Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Chad Roche Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfChad Roche Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Cheryl Chase Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfCheryl Chase Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Dennis Howerton Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfDennis Howerton Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Ernest Bustamante Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfErnest Bustamante Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Eustino Tarango Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfEustino Tarango Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
George Hoffman Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfGeorge Hoffman Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Jim Hartdegen Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfJim Hartdegen Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
John Acton Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfJohn Acton Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
John Ellsworth Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfJohn Ellsworth Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Julia Gusse Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfJulia Gusse Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Keith Miller Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfKeith Miller Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Kevin Taylor Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfKevin Taylor Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Lando Voyles Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfLando Voyles Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Lyle Riggs Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfLyle Riggs Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Mary Jane Damron Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfMary Jane Damron Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Michael Real Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfMichael Real Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Nancy Discher Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfNancy Discher Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Paul Babeu Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfPaul Babeu Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Pete Rios Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfPete Rios Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Roger Valdez Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfRoger Valdez Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Ron Le Duc Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfRon Le Duc Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Russ Kimball Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfRuss Kimball Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Shan Babeu Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfShan Babeu Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Steve Henry Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfSteve Henry Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Steve Miller Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfSteve Miller Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Tod House Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfTod House Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Tom Shope Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfTom Shope Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Ty Morgan Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfTy Morgan Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014
Victor Rodas Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014.pdfVictor Rodas Pre-Primary Election Report-August 2014

 June 30, 2014 Report

Amanda Stanford June 30 2014.pdfAmanda Stanford June 30 2014
Bret Roberts June 30 2014.pdfBret Roberts June 30 2014
Chad Roche June 30 2014.pdfChad Roche June 30 2014
Dennis Howerton June 30 2014.pdfDennis Howerton June 30 2014
Eustino Tarango June 30 2014.pdfEustino Tarango June 30 2014
Jim Hardegen June 30 2014.pdfJim Hardegen June 30 2014
John Acton June 30 2014.pdfJohn Acton June 30 2014
John Ellsworth June 30 2014.pdfJohn Ellsworth June 30 2014
John R Brenemen June 30 2014.pdfJohn R Brenemen June 30 2014
Julia Gusse June 30 2014.pdfJulia Gusse June 30 2014
Keith Miller June 30 2014.pdfKeith Miller June 30 2014
Kenneth Contreras June 30 2014.pdfKenneth Contreras June 30 2014
Lando Voyles June 30 2014.pdfLando Voyles June 30 2014
Lyle Riggs June 30 2014.pdfLyle Riggs June 30 2014
Mario Castillo June 30 2014.pdfMario Castillo June 30 2014
Mary Jane Damron June 30 2014.pdfMary Jane Damron June 30 2014
Michael Real June 30 2014.pdfMichael Real June 30 2014
Nancy Discher June 30 2014.pdfNancy Discher June 30 2014
Paul Babeu June 30 2014.pdfPaul Babeu June 30 2014
Pete Rios June 30 2014.pdfPete Rios June 30 2014
Rodger Valdez June 30 2014.pdfRodger Valdez June 30 2014
Ron, Le Duc June 30 2014.pdfRon, Le Duc June 30 2014
Russ Kimball June 30 2014.pdfRuss Kimball June 30 2014
Shaun Babeu June 30 2014.pdfShaun Babeu June 30 2014
Steve Henry June 30 2014.pdfSteve Henry June 30 2014
Steve Miller June 30 2014.pdfSteve Miller June 30 2014
Todd House June 30 2014.pdfTodd House June 30 2014
Tom Shope June 30 2014.pdfTom Shope June 30 2014
Ty Morgan June 30 2014.pdfTy Morgan June 30 2014
Victor Rodas June 30 2014.pdfVictor Rodas June 30 2014