We understand how important it is for taxpayers to have accurate information regarding property taxes. Shortly after the tax notices were mailed in September, an error in calculating the amount taxes are reduced for homeowners was discovered. According to Arizona Statutes homeowners qualify for a school reduction based on the primary tax rate. Unfortunately, the reduction rate provided to the Treasurer by the Pinal County School Superintendent’s Office included the secondary tax rate which is not eligible for a reduction.

Homeowners can see the reduction rate and amount stated on the tax bill next to the breakdown of taxes by authority. The State of Arizona pays the amount reduced to the school districts thereby relieving part of the burden on the taxpayer. Given the State’s current budget crisis, this error had to be corrected immediately.

The correct 2009 tax information will be available on the Treasurer’s website on Thursday, October 8, 2009 and the corrected tax notices will be in the mail by Monday, October 12th.

Thank You for your patience and understanding.


2009 property tax bills are scheduled to be mailed September 18, 2009. To view your 2009 tax bill information from the Treasurers web-site click here.

The due date for first half taxes is October 1, 2009 and will be considered delinquent if not paid by November 2, 2009.

Please visit the Treasurer web-site for a complete list of important dates and information click here or to change or update your mailing address click here.