Transportation Project Request Form

Once you submit your project request, it is forwarded to the Public Works area engineer to determine eligibility for the Transportation Improvement and Maintenance Program.  The area engineer researches data such as average daily traffic, right-of-way, maintenance status, utility conflicts, and drainage issues to determine if the project is eligible for the transportation program.  If it is determined eligible, the area engineer then evaluates how the proposed project addresses numerous criteria such as safety, the regional transportation plan, and  environmental requirements.  

Eligible projects are added to the fifth year of the 5-year transportation plan and the proposed plan is then submitted to the Transportation Advisory Committee for prioritization in November.  Committee members assign priority for the proposed projects and the draft plan is finalized and submitted to the committee for action at the regular meeting in February.
Public Works staff submits the committee recommended plan TIMP to the Board of Supervisors for action and inclusion in Pinal County's annual operating budget. 

Please note that project requests submitted after September 30th of each year will be considered in the following planning cycle. 

If you would like additional information including TAC meeting dates and locations, please contact  contact Kathy Borquez at or 520-866-6406. 
Thank you for your transportation project request.