Linda Leigh, Ph.D.

Linda Leigh moved from Tucson to Pinal County in 1985 to direct the design of the Biosphere 2 terrestrial wilderness ecosystems, and joined the crew of eight Biospherians to spend two consecutive years within that sealed miniworld. More recently, Leigh taught science and held a position in Community Education for Central Arizona Community College and co-founded  the Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition, working from 2003-2009 with all of the rural communities in eastern Pinal County on regional issues of workforce, community, and economic development.  She lives in Oracle, where she works with others towards Zero Organic Waste, raising worms to eat our green ‘waste’ and returning their manure as a soil amendment to gardens and farms.  Partnering with restaurants, supermarkets, and neighbors in the Oracle area, she started a business to reclaim more green waste and to help others develop their own systems for vermicomposting, on all scales. A trained scientist, Leigh holds a Ph.D. in Systems Ecology and Energy Analysis from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Botany and Ecology from The Evergreen State College in Washington State.