Floodplain Regulations and Permitting

This website is intended to provide the citizens of Pinal County with concise, pertinent, easy to understand information on building and developing in floodplains. We hope to address the most commonly asked questions from concerned property owners regarding the impacts of flooding on their most prized structural possessions—their homes and businesses.

Recent large scale floods have caught the attention of millions of Americans and have opened our eyes to the destruction that Mother Nature can inflict upon us. Water is vital to the desert, but is also incredibly damaging to the landscape and property around us. We live in a land of dry washes which can suddenly fill with raging waters when rain starts to fall. Flash floods rank first as the cause of flood-related deaths in the United States. And over 25% of all flood insurance claims are for property in low to moderate flood danger areas. Since 1966, there have been 17 major flood disaster declarations in the state of Arizona including the most recent disasters declared in 2006 and 2005 which affected parts of Pinal County.


Pinal County strives to regulate safe building in flood hazard areas. By following some simple guidelines and having common sense for our environment, we can all build homes and structures that will survive the rain storms and protect our families, pets, and possessions. Our goal is to minimize loss from flooding by making good decisions in floodplain development.

To apply for a Floodplain Use Permit or questions about the Pinal County Floodplain Ordinance, please contact Flood Control at (520) 866-6411.

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