Pinal County began the planning process for a proposed Open Space and Trails Master Plan in May of 2006. This proposed master plan will help Pinal County identify open space and trail opportunities at the countywide level.

Significant research was done and data collected to identify areas within Pinal County that had high resource value. Information studied included water, geology, biological significance, cultural resources and other important values. Additionally, parks, open space and trails plans from municipalities, federal land managers and other entities within Pinal County were collected and inventoried.

We held two series of public meetings throughout Pinal County to gather public input in the development of this plan. The first series of meetings were held in late June 2006 (locations were Apache Junction, Oracle and Coolidge) and was intended to gather the values, issues and needs of the public with regards to open space and trails.

The second series of meetings were held in late October 2006 (locations were Johnson Ranch/San Tan area, Saddlebrooke and Maricopa) and presented a preliminary draft of the vision, goals and objectives along with the accompanying maps. Comments were solicited at these meetings that will add to the base data collected.

The Pinal County Open Space and Trails Plan was adopted by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors in October of 2007. The research and information gathered for that planning process is available below. In November of 2007, the Board of Supervisors approved the addition of an “Open Space Acquisition and Preservation element to the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning and Development Department, Parks, Trails and Open Space Division, is responsible for current and long range planning specifically related to parks, trails and open space in unincorporated Pinal County.

Long range planning efforts have been focused on the development and implementation of the Pinal County Open Space and Trails Plan (OS&T). Additionally, planners in this area partner and collaborate with other federal, state, local and Indian Communities on issues related to parks, trails and open space.

Current planning efforts for parks, trails and open space have two main focal points. First, the OS&T planners research and review zoning applications as they relate to parks, trails and open space and how these applications fit into the framework outlined in the Pinal County Open Space and Trails Master Plan. Secondly, planners research and review submitted plats, tentative and final, for compliance with the approved zoning case.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact:

Kent Taylor
Senior Planner Parks, Open Space and Trails Pinal County
P.O. Box 2973
Florence, AZ 85132
Phone: 520-866-6910
Fax: 520-866-6435


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