Youth Outreach

It is important that the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Update includes all residents of Pinal County—most importantly, the future of Pinal County.

The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan project is seeking youth and young adults to take an active part in the process. What's New...

Youth Design Charrettes Summary Report December 2007
Format: PDF Document (11.9 MB, 127 pages), summarizes the results of 8 Charrettes held in December 2007 with Pinal County youth.

Word Finder Puzzle

The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Update has developed several mechanisms to interact with Pinal’s youth. While we invite all Pinal County residents, young and old, to participate in our public events, the project has identified selected “youth only” events.

Now is your time to help shape Pinal County.
-What things do you like about Pinal County?
-What things do you wish Pinal County had?
-What do you think makes a successful Pinal County?

Input such as this is critical to the process.