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 What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan is a statement of policy and an expression of the county’s vision.

 What is included in a Comprehensive Plan?

The plan is a tool to help guide and shape the county’s future growth. The intent of the Comprehensive Plan is to achieve a sustainable future for Pinal County. The Comprehensive Plan will include:
  • The vision statement that will guide decision-making;
  • A plan for managing anticipated growth and development including all modes of transportation;
  • Strategies to create employment centers so residents can live and work in close proximity;
  • Goals and policies related to economic development, housing, infrastructure, and environment;
  • An implementation plan to realize the vision.

A new Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors on November 18, 2009. Clicking on the following icon will take you to the Comprehensive Plan.

 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

As with any major Plan, revisions, adjustments, amendments, and corrections need to take place.  These changes will fall into one of two categories, major or non-major amendments:

Major Amendments:

Major amendments are amendments to the plan that take place only once during a calendar year, and must be completed in the year in which they were started.  Major amendments are defined as a substantial alteration of the County’s land use mixture or balance.  The criteria for a major amendment are defined within Chapter 10: Implementation of the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan.  For additional information on the 2014 Major Amendment Process please view the link above. 

Non-Major Amendments:

Non-major amendments may be considered at any time of the year.  These amendments are proposed changes to the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan that do not fall under the major amendment criteria listed in the Comprehensive Plan.  Additional information regarding Non-major amendment criteria can be found within Chapter 10: Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.