Project Committees identified!

A strong committee structure is critical to the success of a Comprehensive Plan. The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan program identifies three standing committees and two task forces with specific responsibilities:

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) – The CPAC is composed of representatives from each of the county planning areas and special interests (e.g. business, agriculture, developers) and serves as the project steering committee. The CPAC will meet regularly.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) – The TAC is composed of agency representatives (e.g., Arizona State Lands Department, Arizona Department of Transportation, Bureau of Land Management), and utilities that will meet at key project milestones.

Regional Planning Team (RPT) – The RPT is composed of the municipal, tribal and regional planning directors or their representatives, for the purpose of coordinating development planning that will occur during the Comprehensive Plan process.

Topic Specific Task Forces – An Economic Development Task Force and a Transportation Task Force consists of individuals representing groups and agencies focused on the particular topic (e.g., various economic development organizations and Chambers of Commerce is represented on the Economic Development Task Force).