The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan is a 12-task, 15-month project:

Task 1: Project Initiation
To carefully evaluate and program the necessary sequence of work tasks to prepare an easy-to-use, realistic Comprehensive Plan Update.

Task 2: Framing Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Issues
To create a bridge between the Morrison Institute research “Pinal County Future Tense” and the Comprehensive Plan effort.

Task 3: Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Compendium
Building on the research compiled by the Morrison Institute and recently completed county studies, update and analyze the existing regional and local social, environmental, physical and economic characteristics that impact the county planning area and compile them in the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Compendium.

Task 4: Setting the Vision
To initiate the public outreach process using the vision scenarios created by the Morrison Institute in an effort to create a “Shared Vision for Pinal County.”

Task 5: Policy Framework
To establish the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan’s policy framework.

Task 6: Alternatives Development and Analysis
To prepare Pinal County Plan alternatives based on projected demographic and economic growth to ensure a sustainable development pattern.

Task 7: Preferred Plan Alternative
To refine the preferred plan alternative based upon the analysis completed and input received.

Task 8: Draft Comprehensive Plan (60-Day Review Draft)
To develop the elements of the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan document.

Task 9: Agency Review
To send the draft plan to agencies for review in accordance with state law.

Task 10: Implementation Plan
To outline strategic implementation action steps that help to ensure that the Comprehensive Plan will be implemented on a day-to-day basis, as well as over the long-term.

Task 11: Public Hearing Comprehensive Plan
To prepare the Public Hearing Comprehensive Plan text and maps for recommendation by the Commission and approval by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.

Task 12: Produce Final Pinal County Comprehensive Plan
Prepare the Final Pinal County Comprehensive Plan for Printing and Distribution.