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Advocacy & Lobbying
Pinal County pays dues in support of the following non-profit or government organizations to advocate on behalf of county issues or priorities.  The need for advocacy services has become increasingly important as financial pressures are exerted on finite federal, state and county resources.  For example, lawmakers often seize upon a good idea that ends up adding a regulatory, service, personnel or resource burden for the entity that ends up with the responsibility. 

As the United States and Arizona have experienced in the recent financial crisis, lawmakers have sought to balance the state budget by shifting duties and their attendant costs onto local governments.
The organizations below assisted in efforts to fend off costly pass-through expenditures or unfunded mandates.  In addition to valuable advocacy efforts, these organizations provide a venue for sharing ideas between policy makers and elected officials at conferences or through professional development opportunities.

County Supervisors’ Association
Service fee/membership dues of $54,240 covers a variety of programs, including advocacy, training, seminars, weekly legislative conference calls and more.

Arizona Association of Counties
Service fee/membership dues of $31,806 covers a variety of programs, including advocacy, training and seminars.

Arizona City/County Management Association
Memberships for County Manager and Assistant County Manager totals $640.26

National Association of Counties  
Membership dues of $3117 covers a variety of services, publications and advocacy programs.

Lobbying or Advocacy Service
Pinal County has one firm under contract for lobbying/advocacy services: Barnes & Associates. Fees paid to Barnes & Associates for calendar year 2012 total 40,166 for representation at the legislature and before state agencies as needed.




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