Supervisors Pleased with County's Y2K Preparedness


FLORENCE-The first Board meeting in the year 2000 had the Supervisors praising Pinal County employees for their efforts to ward off the Y2K bug.

The County's new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) celebrated it's grand opening during the New Year's weekend by being manned with Pinal employees ready to handle any potential problems. No Y2K related problems were reported and employees were given the order to go home at 2:30am.

Supervisor Jimmie Kerr (District 3) said being prepared for any Y2K problems will pay off in the future. "You would rather over prepare than under prepare. This will help us deal with other emergencies in the future."

"It's good to be prepared," exclaimed Supervisor Sandie Smith. "It was even better that nothing happened, but it's comforting to know our staff is ready if there is any problems in the future." Supervisor Lionel Ruiz (District 1) also expressed his satisfaction with the County's readiness; the Supervisor also added that planning for the event was essential to everything going so smoothly. "We're satisfied we experienced no problems, it was a good time to test the EOC and see how well it worked."

County Manager Stanley Griffis praised Terry Doolittle, Deputy County Manger; Bob Davis, Public Works Director, and Bob Chipman, Emergency Services Director for their work in preparing Pinal County for Y2K.

Pinal County's Information Technology Director Genene Walker reported no major Y2K problems to county systems. There have been some minor glitches that are being corrected.

Supervisors Make Presentation

Supervisors approved the promotion of Barbara Jean Kelly, a 22-year county employee, to Chief Deputy Recorder in the County Recorder's Office. Kelly replaces Anna Marie Aldrete who accepted the Directorship of the County's Medical Assistance Programs.

"It's a promotion from within," said Supervisor Ruiz. "This shows that Pinal County is a county of opportunity and growth." Supervisor Smith welcomed Kelly to her new position and added that it will be a pleasure to work with her as the Chief Deputy.

Supervisor Kerr brought up the future expansion of the County Recorder's Office to several county complexes throughout Pinal. "I look forward to working with you as the County Recorder opens its branch office in the Casa Grande County Complex," Supervisor Kerr commented. "Pinal residents will have easier access to County services."

Supervisors say goodbye to long time county employee

As the Board greeted the year 2000, they also said good bye to a 25-year veteran of the Public Works/Highway Department. Assistant Foreman Joe Ibarra retired at the beginning of the year. Ibarra was hired on January 21, 1974. The Supervisors presented Ibarra with a plaque thanking him for his 25 years of service.

"He (Ibarra) has been very effective at serving the public and he cares about a safe road system," said Supervisor Kerr.

Ibarra was accompanied by his family, friends and co-workers to Wednesday's meeting. After receiving the plaque Ibarra addressed the crowd; "I'd like to thank the Board and my fellow employees. The County has done a lot for me."

Supervisor Appointments

The Board of Supervisors approved the following appointments:


Coolidge Councilwoman Theresa Duran

Pinal County Building Board of Appeals Advisory Board

Robert DeBow Jr.-Apache Junction

Pinal County Air Quality Control Advisory Council

John Kevin-Apache Junction

Pinal County Fairgrounds Advisory Board

Charles P. McHugh-Coolidge

Jeff Bell-Apache Junction

Pinal County Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

Charles P. McHugh-Coolidge

Jeff Bell-Apache Junction

Planning and Zoning Commission

George E. Johnston-Apache Junction

Supervisors Present Check to Audubon Society

To fulfill the requirements for the Corps of Engineers permit in the San Manuel Airport Expansion Project, the Supervisors handed a mitigation fee for a land trust to the Tucson Audubon Society. The check for $61,000 will be used by the Audubon Society to purchase land near San Manuel to build a riparian area for birds.

Since the Airport expansion will be in a designated waterway, the fees are needed to lessen the impact to the environment. The land purchased will be for preservation purposes.

Supervisor Ruiz said that the money given to the Audubon Society would stay in Pinal County. "I'm hoping to see a nice area where people can go and enjoy nature," added Ruiz.

Next Meeting

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 12 at 9:30am. The Supervisors will participate by telephone. The public is invited to attend the telephonic meeting at any Supervisor's office or at the County Complex in Florence.

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