Supervisor House Helps to Save a Vet from Losing Car and Pet


FLORENCE – Everything was going normal for David Kohl, the veteran was moving from Globe when his life was changed in a flash. During the drive from Globe along Highway 60, Kohl suffered not only a stroke, but a heart attack at the wheel.

Kohl was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, but he left behind many of his belongings – including his dog “Sis” in his car. As per policy, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office called a county preferred towing vendor – Randall’s Towing of Apache Junction, to take the vehicle to a secure location. Sis was taken to the Paws and Claws Shelter until Kohl was better.

With Kohl in the hospital, Paws and Claws staffers thought a visit from Sis would lift his spirits. They contacted Paws 4 Life to help facilitate taking Sis to see Kohl before he had open heart surgery.

“I wouldn’t have known about David and his problems if it wasn’t for Paws and Claws contacting Paws 4 Life,” Supervisor House recalled. “My wife and I are very involved with Paws 4 Life and we were proud to help David see his dog.”

A volunteer from Paws 4 Life who took Sis to see her owner brought back some disturbing news to Supervisor House.

“This poor guy didn’t know where his car was,” Supervisor House said. “We placed a call to the Sheriff’s Office to see if they could help us track it down. PCSO told us the car was at Randall’s being held but we would have to hurry since they have had it for over two weeks.”

It turned out that Randall’s thought the car was abandoned and were taking steps to file for abandonment.

“We were under the gun,” House said. “So my assistant Lora Highstreet and I hit the phones to see if we could contact Randall’s to get them to stop the filing. It turned out that we caught it just in time.”

Randall’s worked with Supervisor House to keep the vehicle in Kohl’s name.

“Randall’s has bent over backwards to help David out, they waived the towing and storage fees,” House said. “They have even towed it to a mechanic to see if we can get the car running again.” Supervisor House said this is what makes him proud to represent Pinal County.

“We have people like Bo and Donna over at Randall’s and the good people at Paws4Life come together to help us put this man’s life back together. This is the type of people we are. We come together to help a man who is desperately in need. I am glad that we all worked to make David Kohl and his dog Sis a family once again.”

Supervisor Todd House (L) joins the members of Randall’s Towing in Apache Junction.

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