Family Court Services Available Now in Casa Grande


Partnership with Casa Grande Municipal Court Brings Services Closer to Home

FLORENCE, AZ – Family Services of the Conciliation Court (FSCC) in Pinal County has a long history of providing crucial court-based and child-focused services. These services are provided to families as they work through the challenging issues of parenting through family conflicts surrounding separation and divorce. With approximately 125,000 people living in Casa Grande and surrounding cities, the decision to bring those services closer to home was a major goal for FSCC Director Billie Jo Garcia and Judge McCarville, Presiding Family Court and Conciliation Court Judge.

Family Services of the Conciliation Court (FSCC) provides a range of services designed to empower families, and assist judges in domestic court. Conciliation Counseling is free marital counseling offered through Conciliation Court by request of any spouse considering or in process of divorce, in compliance with Arizona Revised Statute 25-381.

Confidential Mediation assists parties with children to negotiate legal decision-making and parenting plans for the continuing care of their children in a two-home co-parenting situation. While mediation is available by request from any party involved in a family court case, it is more frequently referred by the judge presiding over the case.

Family Assessment is an evaluation of the parents and home environment by request, and referral by the judge. The reports prepared by FSCC provide helpful information to the judge, as he or she makes decisions for the best interests of the child (ARS 25-403).

In April 2013, FSCC partnered with the Casa Grande City Court and began offering Conciliation Counseling, Confidential Mediation, and Family Assessments in Casa Grande. FSCC services in Casa Grande are conducted at the new Casa Grande Municipal Court facility located at 375 E. 9th St. The facility opened 2 years ago and boasts the latest court technology, ample meeting space and parking, waiting rooms and high tech security. These amenities make an ideal location for FSCC to provide their services in Casa Grande as opposed to driving to Coolidge, home of the Conciliation Court’s main office.

When ordered by the courts, Conciliation Court services are also available in the San Manuel and Apache Junction areas for the convenience of residents in those communities.

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