Animal Control Officers Locate Owner of Black Chow-Mix


FLORENCE, AZ – Animal Control Officers responded yesterday to a call of a dog in distress from the heat. Today, the owners of Midnight met with Pinal Animal Care & Control to claim their dog and complete the investigation.

“We were very concerned that perhaps this dog was abandoned in the San Tan Valley area. What we learned in our investigation is that Midnight accidentally escaped while the owners were unloading their car,” said Animal Control Director Kaye Dickson. “We believe she was loose from about 1:00 to 2:30 when our officers were called by concerned citizens. The owners were distraught and had been canvassing the neighborhood in search of her last evening. By then we had already picked her up.”

The combination of her old age, thick black coat and the muzzle contributed to her severe heat distress. Midnight’s owners said she suffers from anxiety and is destructive when they are not home. They use the muzzle when she would be left at home along for long periods of time. Animal Care officials offered several suggestions, including medications or training options that could eliminate the need for a muzzle.

Midnight was quietly recovering today after receiving fluids and veterinary care last evening and through the morning. By early afternoon she had perked up, according to shelter staff. The owners reported that the 15-year-old female dog had no other health problems.

“The owners fully paid for impound fee and veterinary care we provided. More importantly, they were very receptive to our suggestions,” Dickson said. “They have already taken her to their regular vet for follow-up care and we will be conducting a home visit in the near future.”
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