Animal Control Officers in Search of Owner of Black Chow-Mix


FLORENCE, AZ – Animal Control Officers were called to the San Tan Valley area today where two citizens had found a dog passed out on the road. They located a spayed female black chow-mix in severe distress from the heat. The dog was also found with a muzzle on her face that would have prevented her from eating or drinking.

“Our officers recorded her temperature at a life-threatening 107 degrees,” said Animal Control Director Kaye Dickson. “Her paws were also burned, possibly from walking on hot, dry ground. We are asking the public to contact us if they know who might own this dog. We are very interested in learning how or when it got loose and the circumstances around its care.”

Animal Control Officers applied ice packs to the dog to bring down her body temperature. She may still need intravenous fluids but officers say she now appears calm and not in distress as she was when they found her. Late today she was transferred to a veterinarian’s office for examination.

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Last week, the public’s help led to four Rottweiler puppies who were still nursing being reunited with their mother.

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