County Recorder and Assessor Warn Local Residents


No Need to Pay High Fees for Documents Available Directly from County

FLORENCE, AZ – A Phoenix-based firm is mailing carefully worded letters to selected property owners in Pinal County offering to obtain a copy of their property deed for a payment of almost $100. Homeowners may obtain a copy of their deed from the Recorder's Office for a small fee, usually less than five dollars.

Pinal County Recorder Virginia Ross stated, “Several people have contacted our office confused about the wording of these letters. We encourage property owners to check with us before paying a large sum for a copy of their deed. If necessary, we can provide a copy, usually for a very nominal fee.” The Recorder's Office can be reached at 520-866-6830 during regular business hours. The Recorder encourages citizens to review their recorded documents by clicking on the Document Search link at

Douglas J. Wolf, Pinal County Assessor, added “Our office also maintains a record of ownership for real estate in Pinal County. The public may check on their property at no charge by visiting our website at We encourage residents to contact us at 520-866-6367 if they have questions about real estate ownership records.”

While it is not illegal for private firms to charge a fee to provide a copy of public documents, the appropriate local county office may be able to provide deed and property ownership information free or for a small sum.

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