Supervisors Adopt Balanced, Tentative Budget for FY 2013-14


FLORENCE – The Pinal County Board of Supervisors today adopted a tentative budget in the amount of $373,723,558 for the upcoming fiscal year of 2013-14.

The document presented to the board by County Manager Fritz A. Behring, reflected budget numbers based on priorities set by the Board of Supervisors in public meetings that began in February. Key priorities included:

No increase to the property tax rate. Property taxes for the coming year are based on real estate sales from 2010 and 2011 when property values were still declining. The county will collect about $7 million less in property tax than last year. The county portion of a homeowner’s tax bill is approximately 27 cents of every dollar. The remainder is made up of schools, the community college district and special taxing districts.

  • Funding for Phase two of Hunt Highway completion .
  • Extension of Ironwood/Gantzel Road.
  • Continuing to surface more dirt roads and carry out pavement preservation projects throughout county.

The majority of expenditures with the upcoming budget are in the public safety sector at 63 percent.

The final budget, which will be adopted at a future meeting, can be the same as what was presented today or the Supervisors could vote on a lower budget. By law, the adopted budget cannot be higher than the tentative budget presented today.


Tentative Budget Schedules for FY 2013-14 (shortened URL):

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