Shortage of TB Skin Test Solution Forces Halt to RoutineTesting


Testing to Resume when Supplies Replenish

FLORENCE – A national shortage of Tubersol solution, the solution used to test for the tuberculosis (TB) infection, is forcing a temporary change in procedures for Pinal County’s Public Health program. Effective Friday, April 20, the county will only administer the test to those who are suspected of having TB or people who are suspected of being in contact with a person having TB who needs to be screened for possible treatment.

Some occupations, school admissions or in-home childcare arrangements require screening for TB. This is considered ‘routine screening’ and, due to the shortage of Tubersol, the county must suspend routine testing until the solution is more widely available.

“We reached this decision after consulting with the Arizona Department of Health Services and noting that several other counties have suspended routine testing,” said Public Health Director Tom Schryer. “If we continued routine testing, we would exhaust our Tubersol supply in a matter of weeks. If we ran out, we could not test people we believe to pose an infectious disease risk due to signs of an active TB infection.”

“This does not mean people requiring a TB test should go untested,” Schryer said. “Our staff has assembled a list of health care providers that stand ready to administer routine tests for occupational or other needs.”

Providers that can meet routine testing needs include:

Provider Phone Number
Casa Grande Regional Urgent Care   
(520) 381-6300
Urgent Care Extra    
(480) 840-3075
My Doctor Now    
(480) 677-8282
Gold Canyon Urgent Care    
(480) 982-3691
MBI Casa Grande    
(520) 836-3800
Maricopa Urgent Care    
(520) 381-3811
Fast Med    
(480) 855-9400

NextCare Urgent Care Clinics (Multiple locations)
(888) 381-4858

Health officials expect to be able to resume routine testing once supplies of the solution return to normal levels. An announcement will follow when routine screening is available at Pinal County’s public health clinics.


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