Todd House Takes Over in Newly Created District 5


FLORENCE – Since arriving from California in 2000, Todd House has made it a point to be active in his community. From the Kiwanis Club to Paws 4 Life, the new District 5 Supervisor has been busy helping residents in and around the Apache Junction area.

“I think it is important for everyone to be involved,” House said. “For me it is very rewarding and volunteerism has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people. To have a voice in this community, or anywhere across this great nation, people must give a little bit of themselves to any project that interests them.”

Prior to his election to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, House was elected to the board of the Apache Junction Fire District where today he is still serves as its chairman. He also serves in the same capacity for the Superstition Mountain Base Coalition.

Now House finds himself on a much larger stage with the Board of Supervisors. It’s a role Supervisor House feels will give him a voice in important policy decisions that affect the entire county.

“Business friendly,” he says without hesitation, “the county must be more business friendly. The Board needs to work to streamline the barriers that hamper small business. We need to look at our commissions and fill them with good people who reflect the same views as the Board of Supervisors.”

Some of the projects that Supervisor House has taken a keen interest in is the Union Pacific Red Rock Classification Yard and Resolution Copper Mine in Superior.

“When you look at these projects very closely, you notice they will have good paying jobs,” House said. “Previous Supervisors have worked to get these projects up and running. It is important that we pick up where they left off and try to get them to the finish line.”

House says the line of communication between him and the constituents of District 5 is always open. He will have regular office hours in Apache Junction and Florence for the purposes of meeting with constituents and civic groups.

“I see one of the roles of this job is to be a communications director of sorts,” the Supervisor said. “I look forward to hearing what my constituents have to say. I will gladly listen to them and bring those ideas to the board for consideration. Listening is what I do well. I have made a career in communicating with several groups and being able to bring everyone together for a mutual goal.”

For now, the District 5 Supervisor has taken the reigns of a county ripe with potential for more growth and job opportunities. He senses this term on the board will be filled with its challenges and opportunities for creative solutions.

“The future is bright for Pinal County,” House said. “This county is filled with lot of great attractions and places that draw people from around the country and around the world here. We only hope to enhance the attraction of the county and get the word out that Pinal County is a great place to live, work and play.”

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