Fall in Love with a Feline Event November 18


FLORENCE, AZ – Are you lonely? Looking for unconditional love? Hoping to find your “match” before the holidays? If your answer is yes, plan to stop out to Pinal County Animal Care and Control’s FALL in Love with a Feline cat adoption event on November 18. It will take place at The Pet Club, 1348 East Florence Boulevard in Casa Grande on Sunday, November 18 from noon to 3 PM.

Beautiful cats and kittens of all types will be available for adoption at prices ranging from $15 to $65.00. All cats and kittens will be microchipped, spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated, including the rabies vaccine.

“Please help these cats and kittens find the loving, forever homes they deserve,” said Animal Control Director Kaye Dickson. “Adopting a spayed or neutered pet from a shelter is an affirmative step in dealing with the pet overpopulation problem. These cats and kittens will make great companions for a single person or family. Your new best friend might be waiting to meet you at our event.”
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