Diabetes Education Classes Set for San Tan Valley & Maricopa


FLORENCE – Pinal County’s Public Health program aims to reduce health complications of patients with diabetes by presenting brief educational sessions for the public.

“These sessions are designed to help those living with diabetes or those who are newly diagnosed as well as their family members and loved ones,” said Rosanna Ringer, a registered dietitian who helps supervise Pinal County’s nutrition, education and outreach programs. “We will have useful information for everyone who wants to know more about living with diabetes.” The sessions will feature a speaker who will talk about glucose testing, self management, healthy eating and the role of physical activity. A question and answer session will follow the main speaker’s presentation.

“We know that some people who are diagnosed with diabetes won’t exactly run home and crack the books to learn all about their condition. Some people enjoy a relaxed conversation-type environment where they can get information, ask questions and learn in a non-intimidating setting,” Ringer said. “Diabetics crave information without scare tactics or excess jargon and that’s what we aim to deliver.”

Both sessions are free for the public to attend. Pinal County Public Health asks that you call in advance to reserve a seat so that there are enough chairs set up for everyone. Choose the date or location from below and call 1-800-231-8499, extension 7313.
  • Thursday, November 15 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
    San Tan Valley Public Health Clinic
    36235 North Gantzel Road
  • Friday, November 16 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
    Maricopa Public Health Clinic
    41600 West Smith Enke Road, Building 15
Again, to reserve a seat, please call 1-800-231-8499, extension 7313.

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