Executive Steering Committee

Pinal County has positioned Pinal County Performance Management as a County-wide integrated performance management system which is now “the way we do business”.  Reflecting this commitment,  the County established an Executive Steering Committee (ESC) to lead the initiative.  The ESC includes representation from elected offices, executive management and appointed departments, which  provide leadership and champion the performance management initiative.

The Committee meets every other Monday and provides policy and implementation direction, monitoring and evaluation of results and ensures the long term sustainability of the initiative.  Some of the key areas covered in these sessions include, but are not limited to: 

·        Determination of key policies and requirements necessary to ensure consistent deployment and practice of Managing for Results according to the County’s desired results;

·        Determination of project plan items, including timelines, change management issues, key roles and responsibilities, project staff resources, project development events, etc.

·        Components of Employee Performance Management- redefinition and implementation of the employee appraisal system

·        Components of Budgeting for Results- budget instructions and processes, financial system requirements

·        Components of Reporting and Analyzing- design and reports generated from the integrated database, training program, audits;

·        Internal and Public Communications- Annual Citizen’s Report, Citizen Satisfaction Survey, Milestones, varying organizational communications



Ken Buchanan
Assistant County Manager


Todd Zweig
Adult Probation


Greg Stanley
Public Works


Thomas Schryer
Public Health


Janette Weedon


Chief Steve Henry


Richard Jones
Information Technology