• Bills may not be submitted via e-mail.

  • All JV and JD bills should be sent directly to:
    Pinal County Finance
    P.O. Box 1348
    Florence, AZ 85132

  • All other case type bills should be sent to:
    Pinal County Court Administration
    Attn: Coral Aguilera
    P.O. Box 1748
    Florence, AZ 85132

  • All bills must be accompanied by the following:
    Appointment Verification and Claim Form (click here to print)
    Signed Documentation to verify appointment (e.g. minute entry, court order, petition)
    Clarification as to which party the bill applies (e.g. juvenile John Doe, parent William Doe)
    The date appointed to the re-file/SUPP

  • If this is your first billing with Pinal County you must complete and include a W-9 form. This can be printed at

PLEASE NOTE: Any billing that does not include ALL of the above information will be returned unpaid for correction and re-submission.

Court Administration reviews all submitted bills for compliance with the above requirements and to verify the services and costs for which the bill has been submitted before any bill can be paid. The request is then forwarded to Pinal County Finance for final payment.