Justice Courts Precinct 7 Judge

Shaun Babeu, J.P

Shaun Babeu was elected Justice of the Peace for the term beginning January 2011. Justice Precinct #7 jurisdiction covers San Tan Valley, Apache Junction and Gold Canyon. Judge Babeu resides in San Tan Valley with his wife Brandy and their two young children.

In an effort to keep the public informed about the court, Justice of the Peace, Shaun P. Babeu released the following FY2013 data contained in the Supreme Court Report. The Apache Junction Justice Court had a total reported case filing of 16,336 cases and if you add Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment that case filing increases to 17,056. There are 80 Justice Courts in the State of Arizona and the Apache Junction Justice Court ranks among the largest Justice Courts for total case filings in Arizona.

Of the 17,056 cases filed in the Apache Junction Justice Court for FY2013 there is the following case breakdown:

Total criminal traffic cases – 1348 filings (DUI-295, Serious traffic-70, other traffic-983)

Total civil traffic cases– 8,153 filings

Total Felony cases – 86 filings

Total Misdemeanor cases – 2,790 filings

Total Civil cases – 3,959 filings (small claims-214, forcible detainer-991, other civil-2,754)

Orders of Protection & Injunctions Against Harassment – 720

The Apache Junction Justice Court generated court revenues in the amount of $2,402,435. Justice of the Peace, Shaun Babeu stated; “While the courts role is to uphold Justice not seek revenues, the AJ Justice Court will continue to hold people accountable to pay on their fines and pay restitution to victims which have been ordered by the Court”.

Total Court Revenue = $2,402,435
Revenues were generated from the following:
Fines, Sanctions, Forfeitures, Surcharges and Fees.

The Apache Junction Justice Court has a total of 11 staff members that take in and process the 17,056 cases filed last fiscal year. Justice of the Peace, Shaun Babeu recognized their effort with the following statement: “The Apache Junction Justice Court leads the way for the Limited Jurisdiction Courts in Pinal County for total case filings, ranking 1st in Pinal County and among the largest Limited Jurisdiction Courts in Arizona. The clerk staff and supervisors continue to do an amazing job and it is appreciated every day. On behalf of the citizens of Apache Junction Justice Court #7 Precinct, which I was elected to represent, THANK YOU!! You have much to be proud of”.

575 N Idaho Road
Roy Hudson Complex
Apache Junction, AZ 85119