Civil Suit

In the justice court you may file a civil lawsuit claiming an amount UP TO AND INCLUDING $10,000.00. You may also ask for reimbursement of court costs and/or attorney fees.

Click Here to start the online filing of a Civil Suit in Pima County. This site is provided by the Arizona Supreme Court. Click here to begin using the AZTurboCourt interactive forms feature to assist you in completing Civil Suit forms. These documents are only to be filed into the Pinal County Courts. The courts strongly encourage you to use the AZTurboCourt system to accurately complete your forms.

If you wish to file a lawsuit for $2,500.00 or under, you may file a small claims lawsuit in the small claims division of the justice court. If you wish to sue for an amount greater than $10,000.00 then you must file your lawsuit in the Superior Court.

Below are instructions for filing a small claims complaint and counterclaim. If you are filing a case on your own behalf (without the assistance of an attorney), you are responsible for all aspects of your case. If you need additional information beyond what is contained in this website, you may use the Law Library at the Pinal County Superior Court in Florence, Arizona. Court clerks cannot give legal advice. If you want legal advice, you must contact an attorney.

Carefully read the Civil packet in the “How-To” section of this website BEFORE filling out any forms. Determine the proper venue for filing your claim. Select the name of the court by clicking the drop down arrow at the top of the form.

Fill in all the fields that apply to you as the plaintiff or defendant. You will not be able to type information into those parts of the form reserved for court staff.

Print out at least three completed copies of the form and bring them to the court with your fee (copy for you and a copy for each defendant (including any attorneys) listed).

You also may bring ONE completed form and have the court make four copies for you (you will be charged a $.50 per page copy fee if you choose this method).

If you are a defendant filing a counterclaim:
The instructions for filling out and filing a counterclaim are the same as those for filing an initial civil lawsuit. When filing the counterclaim you must submit your answer to the plaintiff’s complaint at the same time you submit your counterclaim filing.

NOTE: You can save completed forms to your computer’s hard drive. If you want to clear the entire form to start over, click on the reset tab at the bottom of the page.

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