Project Overview

PROJECT OVERVIEW: As of July 9, 2003

Pinal and Gila Counties recently received a grant to develop a strategic telecommunications plan for communities throughout both Counties. The purpose of this plan is to lay out a strategy for providing a state of the art telecommunications system throughout the counties. Implementation of this strategy would mean reduced cost for access to high-speed telecommunications services such as the Internet, distance education, telemedicine, video conferencing and telecommuting options.

In order to create a plan that addresses the multi-faceted needs of these communities in the most effective way, we are inviting you as a representative from a broad range of community organizations, businesses and citizens-at-large. Your input during the planning meetings will insure the strategic plan meets the needs of all sectors of the communities. Your participation in this process will have a direct result in the quality of this strategic plan.

The result of the work of this group will be a complete telecommunications plan. This plan can be used to obtain potential funding from grants and to contract with a private sector partner to develop the much-needed infrastructure.


The Pinal-Gila Community Telecommunications Assessment (CTA) Partnership

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