Pinal County Regional Wi-Fi Partnership

This Regional initiative unites a number of groups with diverse interests, resources and mandates to enhance the ability of Pinal County to support public safety, the creation of new jobs, enhance the quality and skill sets of the workforce through education and opportunity, strengthen the region’s critical communication infrastructure, as well as encourage the attraction and development of new industry; including valuable small-office-home-office entrepreneurship. Fundamentally, the initiatives leverage existing communication infrastructure to expand the reach of broadband and enable unserved and underserved communities within the regions to support more divergent economic development plans and introduce opportunity for new industry to establish in the region; enhancing overall economic development, diversity, and sustainability to primarily rural areas.

Pinal County government’s Mission is to “protect and enhance its citizens’ quality of life by providing public services in an ethical, efficient, and responsible manner delivered by a motivated, skilled, and courteous workforce. Pinal County government’s Vision and Plan is to “provide progressive and proactive leadership in the areas of economic development, state-of-the-art technologies, growth management, and public services to promote healthy and safe communities.”

Creating economic diversity for the future is a central theme of the Pinal County economic development plan. State, County and City government have determined that assisting in the development of high speed communications is a high priority for the communities of Pinal County and in line with local government plans to support local businesses to the greatest degree practical. By providing access to global markets and instant communication, high speed Broadband connectivity will increase the ability to attract and sustain economic growth to the Cities of Pinal County.

Through this effort, the Partnership Committee is seeking to provide broadband access for the communities as a whole, which will help to close the digital divide, create economic, educational and social opportunities for businesses and residents alike, and enhance the level of city and county services while reducing the cost of delivery of those services. Through a partnership with Wi-Vod Corporation, the selected wireless broadband provider (State Contract - EPS 060014-A6-3), the Partnership Committee will facilitate on-going public-private cooperation and partnerships in telecommunications initiatives in the Cities within the primary services areas of Pinal County.

The Pinal County Regional WiFi Partnership Committee is seeking additional key partners, contributions and funding to have a ”for fee” High Speed Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) network put in place to support its public safety efforts, support the community, and the development of existing and emerging private business enterprises.

Pinal County Regional WiFi Partnership Committee:

The following organizations and persons have made a commitment to the success of these initiatives and will be instrumental in the planning efforts and particularly in the implementation of this Regional High Speed Broadband Wireless Network project.


  • Larry Rains, City of Casa Grande
  • Brian Wright, City of Eloy
  • Richard King, Central Arizona College
  • Holly Bergman, Central Arizona Economic Development Foundation
  • Galen Updike, Government Information Technology Agency (GITA)
  • Rosalyn Boxer, Arizona Department of Commerce (ADOC)
  • Lisa Bergeron, Pinal County
  • Richard Jones, Pinal County
  • Genene Walker, Technology and Business Specialist
  • Allan Meiusi, WI-VOD Communications
  • Janine Irons, Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)

Pinal County Regional Wi-Fi Partnership Committee

For more information please contact:
Lisa Bergeron, Regional WiFi Project Manager
Pinal County Information Technology
P O Box 726 (31 N. Pinal St.)
Florence, AZ 85132
Phone: (520) 866-6690