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 Pinal County Justice Integrated Systems (PCJIS)

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Project Overview: As of November 12, 2003

Sharing criminal justice information is critical to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of justice agencies at all levels of government - federal, state and local. Justice integration is essentially the ability to exchange critical information electronically at key decision points throughout the justice system. Justice Integration cannot be accomplished in one phase. It is a strategic, long term process that involves the cooperation of multiple agencies and the linking of different types of computer hardware and software systems. Integration encompasses horizontal information sharing between agencies within a jurisdiction or vertical information sharing between agencies at the local, state, and federal level. Currently, in most cases, criminal justice information systems have been developed in isolation of one another or on incompatible technologies, resulting in independent systems that may share many common data concepts, but that cannot communicate. This makes information sharing difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

The Pinal County Criminal Justice community has recognized this opportunity and has taken specific and focused steps to assess the current situation and develop an organized plan of action to improve information sharing among stakeholders. These steps have resulted in the Pinal County Justice Integrated Systems (PCJIS) project. Pinal County has applied for and received a $234,249 grant through the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission for the initial planning phase of an integrated criminal justice information system. The Department of Information Technology has dedicated a full time staff person and related resources to coordinate the criminal justice information integration effort.

This project will be implemented in three phases. The purpose of Phase 1 is to perform detailed assessment, planning, and requirements analysis. We will create a detailed, long-term implementation plan that will identify costs, benefits, issues and priorities of every major information exchange. A proof of concept with the the Clerk of the Superior Court's AZTEC eDisposition application will occur. The performance measure will be accuracy of Dispositions electronically transmitted to Arizona Department of Public Safety.

In Phase II of the project we will extend the scope to integrate the County Attorney, Sheriff Office, Adult Detention and Adult Probation.

In Phase III we may add more area's of the Counties justice system. It is possible that more phases will be added to the project as more opportunities and benefits are identified.

The following has been accomplished:
  • A cross section of key stakeholders representing the Judicial Division, Pinal County Sheriff Office, Department of Information Technology, Pinal County Adult Probation, Pinal County Attorney's Office, the Clerk of the Superior Court and Pinal County Juvenile Services participated in initial meetings intended to provide a background knowledge and understanding of integrated justice information systems to prepare for the implementation of such a system in Pinal County in the future.
  • A group of leaders from the State's justice community participated in a planning session to discuss the State's criminal justice information integration effort and to determine the State's "next steps".
  • A site visit and planning session by a technical assistance team from SEARCH, the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, was held on November 10, 2003, to provide technical assistance on Pinal Counties initiative.

For more information please contact:
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