Title:Law Enforcement Merit Council
Authority:Resolution No. 073113-LEMC
Membership:Council Members: Patrick Melvin, Chairperson; Tom Hollenbach; Mark Hawthorne; Thomas Ramsdell and Frank Reyes
Term:Five (5) Years
Powers:The Council will establish a uniform and equitable system of personnel administration of certified law enforcement officers as defined in A.R. S. Section 38-1001 (4)(a). The Council shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as are necessary to carry out the provisions of A.R.S. Section 38-1001, et seq.
Staff Contact:Kristine Carver, Pinal County Human Resources 520.866.6230
Meeting Dates:September 10, 11 & 12, 2014
Downloads:Agendas       |      Minutes

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