Housing Department Operating Statements By Department


  • To develop and manage housing program budgets, finances, and information systems in order to ensure residents are afforded safe, modern, fair, and equitable housing services.
  • Appropriate budgets = funding = housing and programs for persons without the money, income, means, ambition, training, etc. to provide for themselves.
  • To ensure fair and equitable provision of services, i.e. tracking applicants by date of application.
  • To preserve the integrity and public image of the Division through accurate handling of information and timely payment of bills.
  • To protect the Division legally by ensuring client confidentiality (by protecting information).
  • To ensure the consumers/residents are afforded safe and modern housing by managing the payment for the services and materials needed.


  • To maintain safe and sanitary housing units, county vehicles, Division-owned utilities, and Division buildings and grounds.
  • We make sure units are clean, safe and sanitary.
  • To work together for common goals in a team effort.


  • To assist residents in becoming self-sufficient through the provision of supportive services and programs.
  • To offer a good safe place for people to come in and get emotional needs and physical needs met so they can be empowered to be self-sufficient.
  • Allow our clients a feeling of safety and empower them to move out of supported housing. This involves gaining self-esteem, which is a long process.


  • To ensure safe and sanitary housing for persons living in the community and/or County-owned homes through the administration of federal funds.
  • Administer federal grant money to rehabilitate low income, owner occupied, single family dwellings through CDBG in unincorporated areas.
  • Revitalization of county-owned public housing (rehab, construction).
  • To allow people to get on with their lives and overcome/deal with housing barriers.
  • Allowing people to concentrate on the important aspects of living rather than a roof over their heads.
  • Ensuring safe and sanitary housing.

Section 8:

  • To help low income people maintain their dignity and independence during a time of transition or crisis by providing temporary rental assistance.
  • To help people maintain their dignity and independence
  • To help people during a time of transition or crisis
  • To help people move toward independence

Public Housing:

  • To help low income people obtain and maintain temporary, standardized housing by managing housing units owned by Pinal County and/or HUD.
  • What we do ensures continued housing for people.
  • Our work helps the people get back on their feet.