Alternative Funds / Grant Resources

This page provides some general information about alternative funds, such as policies, procedures, forms, educational resources, an index of funding sources, including Tribal Grants, and federal compliance information.

Alternative funds refers to funding from sources such as grants, forfeitures, public and private partnerships, or donations. It does not include charges for services and fees, fines, taxation, HURF (Highway User Revenue Fund), permits, and licenses.

Applying for Alternative Funds
County policy 8.20 provides a process that is required for any Department seeking alternative funds. The most updated policy language for County policies can be found here (

This policy requires Departments seeking alternative funds to complete a “pre-proposal form for alternative funding” prior to seeking alternative funds from a funding entity. The most current version of the form can be downloaded here (link to the form).

The top of the form includes two check boxes. One is for normal review, and the other is for County Manager exemption review. The person completing the form may choose which type of review is needed. Normal review is for normal circumstances, and the form will be processed normally, including routing through Departments required to review and sign off on in advance.

However, in cases where there is in not enough time for a normal review due to extenuating circumstances, the County Manager exemption review is provided as another option. This is an expedited review process that bypasses the normal review process. If this process is used, then please complete the form as well as possible, submit it to the Grants Coordinator, and it will be routed directly to the County Manager for approval without normal review.

Index of Alternative Funding Sources Used by the County
The Grants Coordinator maintains an index of some of the sources of alternative funds utilized by the County in the past or on an ongoing basis. This index provides links to additional information. However, please be sure to contact the Funding Entity in order to ensure you have the most current information.

Excel spreadsheet

Tribal Grants
The index of sources also includes Tribal sources. Tribes award funds for public safety (police, fire, EMS), transportation, health care services, economic development, and education using funds from Casino revenues. Each of these Tribes use a different application procedure. In some cases Board of Supervisor approval by resolution is required in advance of the application. The Grants Coordinator can provide resolution language if needed. Please always check with the Funding Entity to ensure you have the most accurate information, forms, due dates, and procedures.

Federal Compliance
When seeking, receiving, or using Federal funds, compliance with Federal laws and regulations applicable to Federal assistance may be required. These requirements are incorporated in the OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement ( from the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB created fourteen basic and standard compliance requirements for which recipients must always comply with when receiving and using such Federal funds, and provides detailed information in the OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement about these requirements. The supplement, however, is only a guide to the hundreds of laws and regulations applicable to the specific type of assistance used by the recipient. The Funding Entity may also be able provide contract language, program manuals, or other information that can be used as a guide.

Other Resources
The following are links to other resources which may be of interest:

Thompson Interactive – Provides Webinars about Grants, Compliance, Etc.
Foundation Center - Provides webinars and newsletters about private funding sources
Grants Professionals Association – Provides training, resources, and search capabilities for grants


Please contact the Grants Coordinator if you have questions, comments, or need technical assistance.

Kolya McCleave
Grants Coordinator – Grants / Special District