Citizen Access Portal Information

What is the Citizen Access Portal?

The Citizen Access Portal is a portal into Pinal County’s online permitting to replace paper review of regulatory documents, with online examination, markup and commenting. With it, you will be able to upload plans and check plan review status. This will allow applicants to have access to review their marked up documents online to streamline the review or resubmission process.

What Can I Apply For on this Site?

Building Safety

Residential Standard plans

The purpose of a "Standard Plan" is twofold: 1) it saves the developer the cost of having identical residential plans reviewed repeatedly, and 2) it saves the Building Department the time to review the same plan more than once. Standard Plan submittal requirements are typical to any residential plan. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved, the developer/contractor can pull permits on that standard. All designs and construction shall be per the 2012 International Codes and amendments. Visit Building Safety web site for amendments.

Upload Restrictions – Recommendations
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  • You can obtain the latest version from:
  • Multi-page vector PDF

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