Animal Cruelty/Neglect: Veterinary Care

  • That the animal receives care and medical treatment for injuries, parasites and diseases, sufficient to maintain the animal in good health and minimize suffering.

If your mother fell and broke her leg, would you take her to the doctor? If you child had a severe ear infection, would you get him or her antibiotics prescribed by a physician? Dogs and cats have bones, muscles, blood and nerves just like you do. They aren't arranged in the same order, but they serve the same basic functions.

Owners must understand that it is unacceptable as well as illegal to simply allow a pet to suffer and die. Not everyone can afford extended veterinary care and animal care and control professionals understand that.

However, almost everyone can call and ask that their sick or injured pet be humanely euthanized and not let the suffering continue.

Having your animal "Put to Sleep" can be an extremely difficult decision to make. And people in animal care and control agencies understand because we all love our pets.

But from the animal's perspective, which is best?