Animal Cruelty/Neglect: Parasites

  • Except for livestock, all animals shall have convenient access to natural or artificial shelter any spaces accessible to the animal shall be maintained in a manner which minimizes the risk of the animal contracting disease, being injured, or becoming infested with parasites.

Parasites are a major problem in our county. Our warm winter temperatures do not kill off some of the parasites and keep their numbers down like other parts of the country. The brown dog tick is especially numerous as well as fleas and ear mites.

Ticks do a great deal of damage, as you can see. They had actually destroyed this dog's skin and had created areas of severe hair loss and secondary infection all over his body.

It is not acceptable to just let your pet suffer with parasites. Keeping ticks and fleas under control can be a challenge, but it is something that you agree to do if you own a pet in our area. There are good products available from local veterinarians or pet stores for parasite control. In areas where ticks are a severe problem, perhaps the only solution is a call from a professional exterminator. It may not be as expensive as you think and it certainly is a relief to your pet.