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1. General QuestionsBack To Top

When and where does the Board of Supervisors meet?

The monthly board meetings are located on the main county web page under "Board Meetings/Agenda". The meetings are held in the Board of Supervisors hearing room which is located at 135 North Pinal Street, Florence, Arizona.

For more information please contact Sheri Cluff
   Phone: (520) 866-6068

2. Industrial Permits: Chapter 3, Article 1 - 7Back To Top

Who should apply for a permit?

The Federal Operating Permit Program (FOP) is a federally mandated permitting requirement under the Federal Clean Air Act (FCAA) Amendments Section 502(d). Owners and Operators of major source sites and certain affected source-specific sites are required to obtain an FOP. New and existing minor sources subject to New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), Maximum Achievable control Technology (MACT), or have a potential to emit over 1 ton per year of criteria air pollutants, must submit an application.

Class A and B permits are required as discussed in § 3-1-040 of the PCAQCD Code of Regulations.

What is the cost of the permit application?

Non-Title V permits = $100.00 to $500.00 (typically $100.00)
Title V permits = $500.00 to $2500.00

When is a permit amendment or permit revision required?
A facility with a permit may make changes without a permit revision in accordance with §3-2-180 of the PCAQCD Code of Regulations. Administrative permit amendments must meet the requirements of §3-2-185. Minor permit revisions procedures may be used for changes at a source that satisfy all the conditions of §3-2-190. Significant permit revisions as defined in §3-2-195 must be submitted on a Class A permit application.

3. Burn Permits: Chapter 3, Article 8Back To Top

What type of fires are permitted?
Fires set for the disposal of horticultural waste (leaves, tree trimmings, weeds, etc..)

What is the cost of the burn permits?
Residential: $2.00 to $10.00
Agricultural: $50.00 to $200.00
Commercial: $5.00 to $250.00(plus $1 per acre)
Building Demolition: $250.00
Destruction of Hazardous Material: $250.00

4. Earthmoving Activity Registration: Chapter 4, Article 3Back To Top

Where are the Earthmoving Activity Registrations required?
All of Pinal County (Maricopa and Pima Counties also have restrictive dust control rules)

What is the cost of the registration?
Fees can be accessed by clicking here.

What are earthmoving activities?
Land stripping, earthmoving, blasting, trenching, road construction, grading, landscaping, stockpiling excavated materials, storing excavated materials, loading excavated materials, or any activity associated with land development which results in a disturbed surface area of dust generating operations, equal to or greater than 0.1 acres.

5. Travel Reduction Program: Ordinance 121300 - AQ1Back To Top

Where is the Travel Reduction Program required?
For a visual reference, please view the Area A Map for Pinal County

Which employers must participate?
Employers in Area A which have 50 or more employees.

What are the program requirements?
Provide each employee with information on travel reduction measures, participate in an annual trip reduction survey program, and prepare and submit an annual travel reduction plan for review by the Pinal County Program Coordinator.

What are the reduction targets for commuting by single occupancy vehicles?
10% in each year until 60% is obtained. (40% commuting in alternate modes).

6. No Burn Day Alerts: Ordinance 122000 - AQCBack To Top

Where can I get information on our air quality?
Click on the link below to see current air quality data and historical air quality data.

7. Asbestos Removal/Demolition Notification Program: Chapter 7, Article 1 §7-1-06011Back To Top

What do I need to do to perform asbestos removal?
Click on the link below for asbestos removal information.

Asbestos Program Information: Abestos Neshap Regulations