Storm Water Management

Pinal County has a Storm Water Management Plan approved by the Arizona Department of Envioronmental Quality. This plan was approved in 2006 and is available for download at the link below. This plan was put in place to protect water quality as part of the Clean Water Act.

Pinal County Public Works and Flood Control enforce Storm Water Management Plan. We inspect construction sites for compliance with each site's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) by putting in place Best Management Practices (BMP's).


 Erosion Control vs. Sediment

  • Erosion control is the best. Prevents soil from eroding.
  • Rolled products fiber often used.
  • Erosion control sometimes is not feasible because it may be easier to trap eroded soil particles before leaving project site than to prevent them from eroding in the first place.  For example, during construction of a roadway, one may install a silt fence along the Right-of-Way at wash crossings while rough grading is underway.  It would be impractical to prevent erosion while the contractor is performing earth work.
  • Sediment control is a temporary control measure. Just keeps sediment from leaving the site.
  • Silt fence is the best example.
  • Often installed incorrectly with poor backfill and/or compaction. A failure on any part of the system, makes the silt fence fail completley.



 Stormwater Management Plan