Hearing Office
Maricela Rodriguez
Program Coordinator 2

Pinal County
Hearing Office
31 N Pinal Street
Building F
Florence, AZ 85132


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 Department Description

The Hearing Office hears adjudication proceedings for civil violations of a state statute or
county code, ordinance or resolution.

Hearing Office Procedures

1. A Code Enforcement Officer is authorized to issue a Complaint to a Respondent
for a violation of Pinal County Rabies and Animal Control Ordinance 050510-ACC, Pinal
County Development Services Code (“PCDSC”) Title 2 – Zoning or PCDSC Title 6.

2. Respondent must be properly served with a copy of the Complaint or waive
service of the Complaint and submit to the jurisdiction of the Hearing Office. A
Respondent can download a Waiver of Service form from the website and forward a
signed copy of the waiver to the Hearing Office to avoid personal service of the

3. A Respondent may dispose of the Complaint prior to hearing by submitting an
Admission Form to the Hearing Office with the accompanying fine or agreement to abate
the violation. Admission Forms can be obtained on-line.

4. A Respondent who chooses to have a hearing must appear on the date and time
listed on the Complaint and present evidence and/or witnesses at that time.

5. A Hearing Officer will listen to the evidence provided by the County and
Respondent and determine whether the Respondent violated the cited statute, code,
ordinance or resolution. The Hearing Officer may also assess fines and/or require
abatement of the violation.

6. The Hearing Officer will enter a default judgment against a properly served
Respondent who fails to appear for hearing.

7. The County or Respondent may appeal the Hearing Officer’s Decision. Appeal
rights may be found in the Pinal County Civil Hearing Office Rules.

8. For more information see the Pinal County Civil Hearing Office Rules located at
the bottom of this page in "Hot Topic" or call 520-866-6292 or 520-866-6244.

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