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About Behavioral Health
The Office of Behavioral Health does not provide direct delivery of behavioral health services but the Office of Behavioral Health is involved with the coordination of the Court Ordered Evaluation process (also known as Title 36) and many other projects related to mental health services. They also continue to assist in improving the availability and accessibility of behavioral health care in our community. There is involvement in many community action groups that seek to improve mental health services for our most vulnerable citizens.

The Office of Behavioral Health provides oversight for programs contracted by Pinal County regarding Mental Health Services. They authorize payments, mediate problems and develop options for individuals in the mental health and court system. They also work collaboratively with human service providers, community members, and government agencies to develop the mental health system of care in Pinal County.

The Office of Behavioral Health coordinates the Court Ordered Evaluation process (also known as Title 36). Staff will locate an in-patient placement for persons in a mental health crisis for Court Ordered Evaluation (COE) and authorize payment for these services. Depending on the results of the evaluation, the person will either be released and have no further court involvement or go through a hearing for Court Ordered Treatment (COT). The placement and services are monitored by the office to ensure that the individual is receiving the treatment that has been ordered.